Enjoy some popcorn fun facts you might not have known about before!

Americans consume 17 BILLION quarts of popped popcorn
each year! That's enough to fill
the Empire State Building
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World's Largest Popcorn Ball Created June 18, 2016 Noble Popcorn in Sac City, Iowa 9,370 lbs total weight 12' Diameter 2,300 lbs of popcorn Browse our Gourmet Popcorn Tins popcorn ball photo unpopped kernels Unpopped popcorn kernels are called "spinsters" or "old maids" Quality popcorn should produce
98% popped kernels with under
2% being spinsters
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Orville Redenbacher is the         best-selling
popcorn in the world. Its inventor, Orville,
began to grow popping corn in 1919, when he
was just 12 years old.
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