Sprinklz Ice Cream opened as a family owned business in the spring of 2014, with an emphasis on serving the community with unique flavors of ice cream and delicious homemade water ice. Once the word got out, customers traveled from distances near and far to experience our superior quality and exceptional service. Due to the high demand, we quickly expanded our varieties to meet the desires of all our customers.

We quickly heard the requests of our customers to develop other high-quality snack items, inspiring us to create high quality Gourmet Flavored Popcorns. We pop the corn and flavor it on our premises and we ship it along with a personalized card anywhere in the United States. The next time you want to show a family member, friend or customer that you appreciate them or are thinking of them, send them a tri-flavored (Caramel-Cheddar Cheese-Plain) decorative tin. Contact us to order today!

We look forward to seeing you at Sprinklz!